Making Myracles with James Hoffmann

James Hoffmann

We had a dream…
A dream of the first milk alternative for coffee lovers, with zero compromises. To make it, we wouldn’t compromise on who we worked with either, we dream big and wanted to work with the best coffee expert in the world… it had to be James Hoffmann – author of the Atlas of Coffee, World Barista Champion and all-round coffee magician.

The stars aligned and James Hoffmann jumped at the chance of creating something better for baristas everywhere…

“I’ve been interested, like many people, in plant based alternatives for a while now and that was one of the big motivations for me to work on this project.” Says James. “People don’t want anything less than a great cappuccino, or flat white and that’s been a big barrier for people switching away from dairy.”

It’s true – we dreamt up Barista Mylk when we heard that although 1 in 2 coffees on the go are now made with a dairy alternative, 43% of coffee drinkers who haven’t tried a dairy alternative in coffee won’t consider the more sustainable option unless it gives them the same neutral taste and creamy texture as dairy milk with their coffee..

So we set to work, making a Myracle…
Our Recipe Myracle Maker, Zee created 106 different versions of the recipe with different blends of a range of minimally processed, organic plant-based ingredients for Myracle Kitchen and our sister brand, Rebel Kitchen. The best ones were then tested to their limits with James Hoffmann – foaming, pouring, tasting, foaming, pouring and tasting again… Countless hours of testing to make sure we got the perfect balance of ingredients so it was neutral to complement coffee dairy in all types of coffee and had a glossy, creamy texture like as cows’ milk when foamed and poured

“There are a bunch of milk alternatives out there, but they are monogamous affairs; it’s oat milk with nothing but oat, or it's almond milk with nothing but almond.” Says James Hoffmann. “What appealed to me about this project is that Myracle Kitchen wanted to look at a much broader spectrum of plants to chase down this no compromise alternative.”

The final magic recipe – number 106 - that we were most proud of, that baristas loved using and that James Hoffmann gave his seal of approval to - contains organic ingredients which all have an important job to give it the perfect texture and creamy, neutral taste that lets the barista’s carefully crafted coffee shine through

  • Oat for smoothness
  • Coconut Cream for creaminess
  • Faba Bean for savoriness

We believed we could and so we did…
“Milk alternatives used to mean compromise, be it in taste or experience - or for the Barista, in the texture of the drink or the latte art they pour. Working with Myracle Kitchen we've created a sustainable alternative which creates perfectly lasting latte art and isn't a compromise,” says Hoffmann. “I’m excited to get it into the hands of Baristas and into the cups of coffee drinkers everywhere”.

And when we say no compromise, we mean it – no compromise on the taste or functionality but also no compromise on ingredients. Myracle Mylk is and will always be certified Organic, GMO free, glyphosate free and Vegan. Every carefully selected ingredient is minimally processed and as close to as mother nature intended and the recipe is free from preservatives, thickeners, gums, carrageenan, stabilizers and cane sugars.

In case you didn’t know, at Myracle Kitchen we also apply our uncompromising attitude to ethics and sustainability. We’re a certified B Corporation, we donate 1% of our revenue to projects that support regenerative organic agriculture, as a member of 1% for the Planet and we are proudly 100% carbon netural.

So what are you waiting for? Try it now!

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